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About Us

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Welcome to Black Hills PR

At Black Hills PR, we help clients rethink new media, client relationships and revenue streams using social media, public relations and smart marketing strategy. We have lively group and 1:1 training sessions available on most social media platforms, both for personal and business marketing purposes, from the ultra beginner to power-users. Looking for a speaker on digital strategy? We can help! Think social media 101 (and 201, 301…), incorporating new technology into traditional marketing plans, social media programs or how to be a digital rockstar while building your online reputation and business.

Our Services

"Thanks for your help Black Hills PR! As a result of your friendly help we are up and running on Facebook. MANY thanks for your expertise, patience and excellent advice!"

Arts & Learning Center of the Black Hills

"Simply put, Michelle knows her PR and Social Media stuff. She is such a positive force and is always learning new techniques."

Ann Eads, Sr. Account Executive

"Michelle is a marketing genius with the creativity and knowledge to get your product or service moving."

Joseph Ashley Parr, Attorney-at-Law

We Are Black Hills PR

Michelle Kane


I’m lucky. I’ve got a great purpose. I get to help businesses and organizations with strategic planning, market research, program development, social media, public relations and promotion.

My goal is to build true partnerships with clients through active listening, asking the right questions, and working together in order to reach real business goals. It’s really about thinking differently and offering innovative solutions to everyday marketing problems. Maybe it’s a marketing plan, a website, a PR program, a revised LinkedIn profile, a new digital strategy or just some advice and training about how to move things forward themselves. Each client’s needs are different and can change over time. That’s what makes every day a gift.

Our clients have described working with us in terms of: being collaborative and creative, the value they find in our taking the time to know their business and customers, bringing new ideas to the table, looking at existing problems in a new light, being responsive, and working smartly to stay within budgets.

I am deeply grateful for the relationships that have developed with our clients and have enjoyed the many opportunities I’ve had at Black Hills PR growing both personally and professionally.

Sarah Buer

Social Media Manager

I am passionate about people, the art of communication, design, music, fashion, and social media. I graduated from Black Hills State University in 2014 and transitioned into employment with Black Hills PR immediately after.

With a double specialty in Public Relations and Multimedia, as well as a minor in Commercial Art, it’s safe to say I’m doing something that I love to do. As Black Hills PR’s social media manager, I strive to represent our clients in the best possible light to the public and to promote their brands in the ever-evolving world of digital communication. I thoroughly enjoy curating content and creating original graphics unique to each and every organization.

The state we are living in is a technological age: a fast-paced, entertaining, instant world full of people sharing their ideas and trying to get them heard. The value of a social media presence is growing every day, and it’s been an exciting, fun journey bending and adapting with new applications and updates.

We base our processes on the value of relationships, on being collaborative and becoming a “go-to” for our clients’ needs. The experiences and the things I’ve learned working at Black Hills PR are priceless, and I can truly say that I am proud to work for a company like this.

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